Katie Dozier

Katie Dozier started playing poker in home games during college at Florida State University, where she majored in creative writing.  After college, she moved to Washington, DC and went to a professional French culinary school while she continued to hone her poker skills with the help of her husband Collin Moshman. Realizing that life in the kitchen left a lot to be desired, she abandoned her chef’s knife and took hold of a computer mouse to play online poker for a living.

Her first step was beating the $6.50 9-man sit ‘n gos.  After moving up in buyin, Katie switched to grinding super-turbos, working her way up from the $7.50s to the $75s.  She continued to evolve by playing multi-table tournaments—starting out with 18-mans, then 45-mans and finally 90-mans and scheduled MTTs.  To date, she has played over 20,000 poker tournaments.

Katie is on numerous sharkscope poker leader boards, and is a lead coach for Team Moshman.  She writes articles for publications such as Poker Pro Magazine, Canadian Poker Player, and also has edited best-selling poker strategy books. She makes MTT and SNG training videos for the world-renowned website DragTheBar.  She edited Sit ‘n Go Strategy, Heads-Up No Limit Hold ‘Em, and The Math of Hold ‘Em

Katie has recently co-authored two e-books with her husband, Collin Moshman.  The Superuser is a poker thriller/mystery book based on an actual poker scandal; and Pro Poker Strategy: The Top Skills is a concise text designed to give the reader the most improvement in the shortest amount of time.

Katie lives in Las Vegas with her husband, her yellow lab “Wilbur”, and cat “Mr. Ed.”  In addition to poker, her interests include cooking, hiking, wine, poetry, painting, traveling and listening to really loud music while she grinds.