Jennifer Shahade

Jennifer Shahade is a well-known chessmaster, author & poker player.  In 2007 she placed 17th in the WSOP Ladies Event and followed this up with placing 33rd in the same event in 2008.  Since then Jennifer has made a push to promote women in poker.  She is part of the Poker Stars Women initiative, writing articles and conducting interviews for She also played in Ladies Events at PCA in the Bahamas, the EPT Grand Final in Madrid and EPT London, having won packages on Poker Stars.  Jennifer is a host of Women’s Poker Hour, a weekly radio show affiliated with Woman Poker Player Magazine.  Guests have included Vanessa Rousso, Maria Ho, Daniel Negreanu, Amanda Musumeci, Lauren Kling and Melanie Weisner. 

Jennifer is a two-time American Women’s Chess Champion and Women’s Grandmaster.  Her first book, Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sportintertwined her own story with that of great women chess champions past and present. Shahade also contributed in-depth chess annotations to Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess.  Jennifer’s latest book project, Play Like a Girl! Tactics by 9 Queens (see book trailer, Lipstick Checkmate, here) is the first book with combinations that are all executed by female chess champions.
Forever in search of new ways to present games, Jennifer created hula-chess and naked chess with Daniel Meirom and roulette-chess with artist and curator Larry List.  In 2010, Hulachess was among 125 videos selected from over 23,000for the first online gallery of the Guggenheim/Youtube Biennial.  Her game-inspired video work with Meirom is compiled on the website, Poker Fairy Tale,
which includes poker inspired retellings of Cinderellaand Goldilocks. 

Jennifer also created a reality show, the X Chess Championships with brother Greg and Daniel Meirom. You can find X Chess on twitter, facebook and YouTube.

From Shanghai to Amsterdam
, Jennifer has played simultaneous chess exhibitions in which she faces up to 50 players at once.  Shahade is also active in promoting chess as the chair and an announcer at the U.S. Chess Championships from 2009 to 2012, all held at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.  She is a board member of the World Chess Hall of Fame and a co-founder of the non-profit, 9 Queens.